Client Press Release: Raek Data

15 Nov 2022  / 

Client Press Release: Raek Data

Raek Data Offers Businesses the Only Software They Will Need to Get More Clients and Increase Sales


Entrepreneurs can maximize sales & marketing efforts by gaining insights into their businesses’ anonymous web traffic


Running a business today has become increasingly challenging for many reasons. Marketing and advertising has never been more competitive. It is no longer enough to just have a website and social media pages. Raek Data, LLC offers to provide businesses with the highest qualified leads, including detailed insights into consumer interests. The firm has eliminated the inundated process of purchasing old, overused lists and having to clean them.

Replacing traditional styles of marketing, Raek has developed a tool to collect a business’ own leads with the ability to track active web user interest levels in their specific market increasing conversions.

Raek was built with a vision gained by frustration with current lead generations techniques. Their team designed and built a web utility to collect and track leads from their partner network to help boost lead generation across their network of sites. Raek’s team consists of business owners with backgrounds in sales and marketing. After struggling with cold calling; old, unresponsive email lists; and direct mailers that failed, Raek now has a lead generation tool that simply works.

“With the Raek Network, clients are able to identify and build profiles on Non-Converting and Anonymous Website Traffic unlike ever before. We’re passionate about optimizing our clients’ sales and marketing efforts by providing marketing automation tools most companies aren’t aware of or don’t have the technical expertise to implement with only a few clicks.”, says founder Cory Crapes.

Raek’s software can be used in many ways, such as email marketing/ retargeting,

creating FB lookalike audiences, and triggered direct mail. Any industry can benefit from marketing to their website’s visitors. Raek’s software maximizes the effectiveness of search traffic passing through a business’ website. It also identifies social traffic and builds loyalty campaigns which increases conversions.

The software also allows business owners to automate workflows. Entrepreneurs can turn their sales funnel autopilot on with seamless integrations. Highly optimized reporting provides instant overviews of the business’ pipeline. It even uses proven high converting client closing email notifications optimized for retention.

This cost efficient software allows businesses to engage their website traffic no matter what size of business they have with minimal overhead. To get started, business owners simply need to choose a plan which fits their business’ needs to start analyzing data on all their known or anonymous traffic. They will have centralized access to the profiles and be able to route them to whichever marketing solution that they prefer.

Raek’s software shows advanced data as the system processes incoming traffic, allowing business owners to determine the quality of the traffic and profiles detected. They can see information like contact information, location data, traffic sources and quality ranking. To know more about Raek Data LLC’s real-time lead identification services, visit

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